HODGE ROAST CATERING - Quality at affordable prices
Buffets to suit all occasions( Weddings,Parties,Funerals etc)
All our buffets are served on sealed platter plates to ensure freshness and come with disposable cutlery,plates and napkins. Min order of 50.
Menu 1  £8-50ph
Selection of sandwhiches                           Chicken drumsticks
Pork pie                                                    Sausage rolls
Cocktail sausages                                    Selection of crisps
Potato salad                                              Chunky coleslaw
Onion bahjis                                              Mixed leaf salad
Selection of sweets                                   
Menu 2 £10-50ph
Selection of sandwhiches                            Chicken drumsticks
Pork pie                                                     Sausage rolls
Cocktail sausages                                     Pizza
Potato salad                                              Selection of crisps
French bread                                             Meat platter (Beef,ham).
Mixed  salad                                              onion  bahjis                                                     Selection of cheese and biscuits
Selection of sweets                                  
Menu 3 £14-00ph
Selection of sandwhiches                         Chicken drumsticks
Pork pie                                                 Onion bahjis
Sausage rolls                                          Cocktail sausages
Pizza                                                      Selection of crisps                                
Meat platter (Beef,Turkey,ham)               Chunky coleslaw
Potato salad                                           Mixed salad
French bread                                          Selection of sweets
Selection of cheese and biscuits              
selection nuts
King prawns
For Hot buffets please call or email for more details.
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