HODGE ROAST CATERING - Quality at affordable prices
Here at Hodge Roast Catering we provide high quality mexican food for a variety of events and private parties.
Mexican burritos a great treat by Hodge roast cateringWe provide Mexican Burrito's which are a very healthy product based on a floured tortilla.
Why not give your guest something different at your next party!
Served fresh in front of your guests!
Chicken Burrito.
Tortilla bread filled with ,beans,peppers,onions,shredded chicken,lettuce,salsa,cheese and sour cream.optional jalapenos.
Chilli Burrito.
Tortilla bread filled with,chilli con-carni,cheese and sour cream.optional jalapenos.
Veg Burrito.
Tortilla bread filled with,beans,peppers,onion,guacamole,cheese,salsa,sour cream and lettuce.optional jalapenos
Pick which one(s) you want or have a mix of all!
50 server   £390
80 server   £460           
100 server  £520
150 server  £620          
why not try mexican burritos at your next party in worcester200 server  £720
250 server  £820
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