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Paella & Stir fry Party's
Fancy something different? Well our paella or stir fry Parties are great to wow your guest's with!!!! Made with all fresh ingredients and cooked in front of all your guests by our chef's for a bit of a show.inc plastic knife and forks,napkins and disposable bowls.
Mixed paella +£2ph
Chicken,muscles,king prawns,squid,mixed peppers,onions,tomato,peas
Meat paella
Beef,pork & chicken with tomato,mixed peppers and onion.peas
Chicken paella
Chicken,peas,mixed peppers,onion.tomato
Seafood paella + £2ph
king prawns,muscles,squid,mixed peppers,onions,peas.tomato
All paella's are £9ph min of 30 servings
Stir fry
Our stir fry's are cooked in a thai style way with fresh vegetables and egg noodles with garlic,chilli's and fish sauce.
Chicken stir fry.
Chunky diced chicken breast
Beef stir fry.
Tender strips of beef.
King prawn stir fry.
Huge king prawns.
Mixed stir fry +£2ph
Chicken,beef,king prawns
All stir fry's are £9ph min of 30 servings.
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